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​日本商品販売 Selling Japanese Things

卖家微信号Wechat: 8033480166

Selling Japanese 可愛い kawaii goods to USA. Everything in Japan is cheap and cute. To better serve you, welcome to contact me.


Eva & Lisa SF, CA
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Eva 😜


I am Eva エバ, an international student before studied in America for four and a half years. Now I am studying in Tokyo, Japan. There are many things that you cannot find in USA but you can find in my store. If you have some suggestions, please contact me. I am looking forward to communicating with you!

≧ω≦  If I received your email, I will reply you as soon as possible. I am sorry to reply you not on time because the time difference between USA and Japan. Thank you for your understanding!

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现在想到的就是美妆,酵素什么的,日本的东西真的是又可爱,又漂亮啊~~因为我在日本,朋友在美国帮我收钱。不仅可以PayPal付款,也可以 BOA 转账哦~

Cosmetic. mask, eye drops, enzymes in Japan.


卖家微信号Wechat: 8033480166

Since I am living in Japan now, I asked my friend to help me receive money in USA. While you transfer money. He sets his phone number to transfer money. 

BOA (Phone number) account: 8033480166

Nickname: Eva

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Twitter: @sushiotabetai


Minatoku-Tokyo, Japan

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